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Tag : Winter

Sunrise at Lake Owyhee State Park

Just a quick two hour drive out to Owyhee State […]

Sunrise and Sunset at the Grand Tetons

On our second day at the cabin near Grand Teton […]

Weekend Trip to Utah

Last weekend we headed out to the Salt Lake City […]

Short Trip to the Lucky Peak Area

Victoria and I decided to drive up to the Lucky […]

Snow Trip

We decided to drive up to the snow on Sunday. […]

Owyhee Mountains

I took a quick trip out to the Owyhee Mountains […]

Winter Wonderland

This is our 3rd winter here in Oregon. Our first […]

Trip to Tahoe

Last week Rotchana had an appointment with the doctor up […]

What Happened to Winter?

Yesterday I thought I’d take advantage of a rare opportunity […]

Hurricane Ridge

Last week was Thanksgiving and I was invited to come […]