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Foundation Progress

It looks like since we saw the property 3 days ago they’ve just about finished the cement work for the foundation. From what I can tell they’ll be coming in to remove the extra dirt and pour the driveway and garage floor next. After that I think they’ll start framing. We’ll go back next Saturday to see if I’m right.

Breaking Ground

Well, it’s been a few months, but we’re finally seeing some progress. During May we had appointments to meet with the builder to discuss structural options, and then we met with the design center to pick out all of our cosmetic options. Once we picked out everything we wanted the builder submitted the plans to the city for approval. About a week ago they finally got approval to start construction. I had a brief meeting with the project manager to […]

2019 Golfholics Tournament

Last year while the girls were in Thailand for 4 months I was flipping through YouTube one night and I stumbled across a channel that specialized in golf course vlogs named Golfholics. The channel was started by two men, Marko and Mike, in the San Diego area and they recorded their rounds played at a club that Marko belongs to, along with other upscale private and public courses. What stood out to me was the quality of the videos. A […]

Planting Roots

We’ve finally hit a spot in our lives where we feel like we’re going to stick around for a while and not move. With my work I’ve always felt that moving was a part of the gig. This is our 3rd location in about 5 years, but I think we only have 1 move left. We put a deposit down on a new construction home and should be moving in by late October. We’ve picked the lot and the floor […]

Victoria’s 6th Birthday

April 13th was Victoria’s 6th Birthday! Her previous birthdays were mainly celebrated with family, but this year she had friends from school and wanted a party. We started the day off by walking to a nearby park that was hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. The park was sectioned off for each of the different age groups and thousands of eggs and candy were spread out in each area. Within each area there were 3 glitter eggs containing special prizes. Victoria […]

Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls, Idaho

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a road trip so today we decided to drive a couple of hours down the highway to Twin Falls, Idaho. I took a quick trip there back in May, but the girls were in Thailand and missed out. I thought the girls would enjoy seeing Shoshone Falls and we needed a good excuse to get out of the house. We didn’t hit the highway until almost noon and arrived in Twin Falls around […]


It’s been a while since I set up an impromptu studio to take some photos of Victoria. We bought some fabric to use as a backdrop and then she tried on some of her Halloween costumes and ballerina costume to take some photos. They came out pretty well despite my flashes giving me a hard time by not staying on or responding to the wireless trigger. Victoria enjoyed it and I’m sure we’ll try again soon!

Quick Road Trip

The other day the girls wanted to take a drive up the hills so we headed north up towards McCall. It’s about a 100 mile drive that winds along the Payette River. Unfortunately, both girls fell asleep about 15 minutes into the drive, but it was still a nice drive. I stopped a couple of times to take some photos and at one point Rotchana woke up so she could have her picture taken. She promptly fell asleep once we […]

First Day of School

Victoria started Kindergarten today. It’s her first day of school ever, and she was super excited to go. She had a great time and said she loved school! Hopefully that will continue for at least the next 12 years.


I finally have a week off of work to relax and catch up on everything that I’ve had to put off for another day. Technically I did go into work for an hour today and will have to go in tomorrow morning for a meeting, but I do have the next 7 days scheduled off. Needless to say it’s a very welcome time off. As much as I enjoy photography you would think I’d be taking a lot of photos […]