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Road Trip to Grand Tetons NP

We decided to make a quick road trip out to Grand Tetons NP, but with a twist. We normally drive out to Victor or Idaho Falls to stay the night before heading to the park, but this time we left home around 9:00 pm and drove to a rest stop just short of Idaho Falls to sleep for a few hours before completing the drive at sunrise. Our goal was to spend all day sightseeing and then make it back home Saturday evening.

We made it to the rest stop around 1:00 am and slept for a few hours before jumping back onto the highway around 5:00 am. We wanted to make it to Swan Valley, specifically Fall Creek Falls, before sunrise. Despite driving by several times, we’d never stopped to look at the falls.

The falls were pretty cool and we were there just as the sun started to come up. There was some low fog hugging the river when we first arrived, but it broke up quickly. I hoped it would hang out a little longer, but it was still pretty.

We then drove about an hour to get into Grand Tetons NP. We had no plans other than to spend the day driving the loop and stopping when we wanted to take some photos. The Fall colors were decent, but a rainstorm the previous two days pretty much knocked everything to the ground.

We stumbled upon a family of moose hanging out by a swampy area just off of the Snake River. They kept going in and out of the brush and into the water every now and then. I never really got a good shot, but it was fun watching them do their thing.

We continued around the loop in the park and stopped now and then to rest and take some photos. It rained lightly off and on so going on any kind of long hike wasn’t going to work, but we managed to get out and walk around a little bit. We brought Sheila with us, but she’s not allowed on the trails so she just kept an eye on the car for us.

We decided to head towards home late in the afternoon with a quick stop back where we saw the family of moose earlier. They were still there pretty much doing the same thing so I guess it’s a good spot for moose!

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