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New York City – Day Two

We had a lot planned for Saturday so we got up early and headed out hoping that we’d be able to squeeze it all in. Sunday was also jammed pack so there’d be no chance to catch up if we missed anything.

Our day started by taking a taxi to City Hall Park, which is within walking distance of the Brooklyn Bridge. We spent about 2 hours walking towards Brooklyn over the bridge stopping often to take photos of the Manhattan skyline. The weather was nice with sunny skies and very low humidity so we lucked out there.

Once we made it back into Manhattan we walked over to a Thai restaurant for lunch in the financial district. Rotchana gave it a thumbs up so another win!

We had tickets to go up to the observation deck at One World Trade Center later in the afternoon so we took time to go over to the 9/11 Memorial for an hour or so. Despite pretty big crowds, it was eerily quiet. We spent time at each of the reflecting ponds located in the footprints of the former towers trying to imagine what 9/11 was like on that day with all of the people and buildings in such a congested area.

We spent about an hour on the observation deck of One World Trade Center taking in the views of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. It’s always hard trying to take photos with all of the reflections, but we were able to get several we were happy with. I was surprised at how many people paid the $60 admission just to go to the observation deck to sit on the floor against the inner wall just to play on their phones. There were only a few times where the windows were full of people and we had to wait our turn.

We headed back to the hotel to drop off some things we’d been carrying around all day. We ended up walking around the theatre district looking for a place to have dinner. It was cool walking by all of the theatres with the big Broadway shows. Maybe next time we go we’ll have to get tickets to one of the shows.

After more sightseeing on foot for a while we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

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