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About me


When I’m not working to pay the bills my family and I enjoy travelling and spending time together.  During the warmer months I can be found out on the golf course at least once a week, and sometimes twice if I’m lucky.  I met my wife Rotchana while travelling in Thailand, and we now have a daughter that’s growing up quickly.

Work moved me away from California to Oregon five years ago, and now we’ve been in Idaho the last 2 years.  We’re in the process of having a home built so hopefully that means staying put for a while.

Whether we’re traveling back to Thailand or some other fun locale, or just simply taking day trips I try to bring my camera along and take a bunch of photos.  I’ll be sharing some of the photos here when I have time to process them and write something halfway interesting.

My photography hobby got me interested in a slide show software program called “ProShow” a few years back. There was a Yahoo discussion group online for users of the program to get together to learn and share, but it was difficult to wade through everything to find what I needed so I decided to start my own discussion forum. What started out as simply a small project has now turned into a pretty big community. As of October, 2019 there are over 2,600 members and 19,600+ topics of discussion. If you have any interest in creating slide shows with your photographs you can check it out here.

The ProShow products have not been updated in the last year or two, but there’s a new company that has released software that lets you continue to work on slide shows created by the ProShow products and has some new features that were missing.  I’ve created a new forum for discussion for those products and hopefully it will be as successful as the other forum.  You can check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back often!