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Taggart Lake Hike – Grand Teton National Park

While on my quick weekend trip to Grand Teton National Park I was driving around the loop and decided to pull into the trailhead parking lot for the Taggart Lake Trail. Last year when we hiked up to Delta Lake we could see Taggart Lake down below and that seemed like a much easier hike!

The hike itself was about a 6 mile loop with varying elevation changes that was spent mostly going through the trees and eventually reaching Taggart Lake. Normally I’d take my time and leisurely make my way around the trail, but on this day I made the entire loop in under 2 hours. That included stops to take photos and down some water now and then. I don’t take the opportunity to get exercise much these days so I wanted to see what kind of pace I could keep up and it ended up being about 12-minute miles if you take out the stops.

Once the hike was over I drove around the loop in the park going back and forth looking for anything that looked photogenic. It turned out to be pretty wet with rain off and mostly on for the rest of the day, but it was nice just being out in nature enjoying the quiet.

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