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Short Trip to the Lucky Peak Area

Victoria and I decided to drive up to the Lucky Peak area outside of Boise for an hour or so to take some photos and possibly fly the drone. We’ve driven by the area several times heading up to Idaho City or Stanley, but have never stopped.

When we arrived at the viewing area overlooking the reservoir there were quite a few cars parked in the lot, and the wind was blowing fairly hard so we passed on flying the drone. We took a few photos and then headed up the highway to find another location.

We pulled off of the highway and took a road that followed along Robie Creek. The creek was running pretty low and was frozen over at quite a few spots. We found a small parking lot at Mores Creek Park that gave us access to the creek and spent a little time playing in the snow.

The creek was frozen over where we parked so Victoria had fun walking on the ice. There was a small layer of snow covering the area so we stuck to spots that looked frozen solid so we wouldn’t get wet. The water was only a foot or so deep and wasn’t running very fast, but we didn’t want to get wet.

We took some photos and flew the drone for a little bit before calling it quits. It was a fun spot to spend some time with Victoria, but we had homework to do when we got home. When we arrived back at the house we had a nice sunset waiting for us.

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