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Ancient City – Bangkok

We visited a place called “Ancient Siam” in Bangkok. It’s billed as the world’s largest open air museum and covers nearly 200 acres. This unique attraction is the center of scaled-down and actual-size replicas of important historical sites of various provinces such as Prasat Hin Phanom Rung, Wat Mahathat Sukhothai, Phraphuttabat Saraburi, Phrathat Mueang Nakhon, Phrathat Chaiya, etc. I found it to be really interesting and a great place to take photos. You can ride a tram around to the […]

Thailand, Bali & Gili

A few months ago I was in need of a change of scenery and through a suggestion from a friend I took a last minute trip to Thailand. It was my first trip to Asia and I really enjoyed my short stay there. The people were very friendly and I had fun exploring Bangkok while getting a taste of what Thailand had to offer. My trip lasted only 5 days, but I saw enough to know that I wanted to […]

Trip to the Coast

I bought a new MINI so I used it as an excuse along with the really nice Spring weather to go for a drive along the coast. I made may way out to Half Moon Bay and then headed south for a bit before turning around and going north up into San Francisco. Before heading back home I drove up to Twin Peaks in San Francisco to take in the view. The viewing area provides a 360 degree view of […]

Hockey, Hockey and More Hockey!

I left the house at 5:00am to catch a flight from Sacramento to Buffalo, NY. As is typical with Southwest Airlines I got a tour of the country enroute to Buffalo. We made a quick stop in Burbank and then another stop in Phoenix before finally heading east. The flight was uneventful, but it was a long day of traveling. I finally made it to Buffalo around 7:00pm. I had a rental car waiting for me so I could finish […]

Quick Trip to the Snow

I decided today was a good day for a change of scenery. Things here in Stockton have been gray and dreary for a few weeks now and I needed something to change the mood. We’re in between storms so I took advantage of the break to head up to may favorite area up in the Sierras. I drove up Highway 88 towards Kirkwood and Caples Lake. The elevation at the summit is just over 8,000 feet so I knew there […]

Fall in the Sierras

Yesterday I went on a long drive to see if I could find some Fall colors here in California. I’ve been back in New England this time of year and it’s very impressive. I figured there has to be parts of California that can display that same variety of color. I’d been doing some research online and found a site that wrote daily updates for Plumas County’s colors. The information seemed to indicate that the colors were peaking so that’s […]

Panorama Trail – Yosemite National Park

This past Saturday I met up with a high school friend of mine at Yosemite National Park for a hike on the Panorama Trail. I left the house at the ungodly time of 3:45am to make the 3 hour drive so we could meet at 7:00am. I arrived about 6:30am just as the sun was starting to come up from behind the valley. We were meeting at the Tunnel View area so I had a nice vantage point to see […]

San Francisco – 2010

Sunday was our last full day with the girls so we decided to take them back into San Francisco to see some things they missed when they all came together on a field trip a couple of weeks ago. We left the house at 7:30am in order to get to the Presidio by 10:00am with a stop on Treasure Island along the way. When we crossed over the hill from the Valley we noticed the temperature dropped about 15 degrees […]

Universal Studios Hollywood

We woke up around 7:30am so we could have breakfast at the hotel before heading out to Universal Studios Hollywood. When we arrived at the park there didn’t seem to be much of a crowd. Little did we know it would be the complete opposite later on. Our first stop was the Back Lot Tour. This normally gets very crowded so it seemed like a good idea. We only had to wait about 20 minutes in line so it wasn’t […]


We arrived at Disneyland at 8:00am when the park opened and were surprised at how few people there were. Usually there’s a long line to buy tickets and an even longer line to enter the park. This time there was none of that. Maybe everyone was sleeping in after being up late the night before? Haruka and Fumika have been to the Tokyo Disneyland so this wasn’t a completely new experience for them. There were quite a few differences, though, […]