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Hua Hin, Thailand

A day after we arrived back from Vietnam we got a call from one of New’s sisters. She and her family from Italy were staying in a city named Hua Hin located on the west shore of the Gulf of Thailand, about a three hour drive south from Bangkok. They wanted to know if we wanted to join them for a few days. Not having anything planned other than doing some quick laundry we decided to head down the next […]

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

During our visit to Vietnam Linh’s family treated New and I to a couple of days at a small city along the coast named Ha Long. The city has quite a few hotels, some shopping and a nice beach, but the main attraction is the bay with the same name, Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay consists of about 1,900 limestone isles and was named a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1994. In 2009 the New 7 Wonders Foundation, […]

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Two years ago I hosted a student from Vietnam that came to the US to spend a year to attend high school. Her name is Linh and she stayed with us for 5 months before moving to another family to finish out the school year. She went back to Vietnam at the end of the school year with the hope of returning to the US to attend college. While home in Vietnam she found a small college in West Virginia […]

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Shortly after our trip to Isaan to visit New’s family we decided to go down to Pattaya Beach for a few days. Pattaya is about a two hour drive from Bangkok and is a popular place for tourists and locals to spend time at the beach. Before we headed down to Pattaya I booked a hotel room on the internet so we wouldn’t have to spend time looking for a room once we arrived. I was able to find a […]

Wat Pha Namthip Thep Prasit Wararam

On our first Saturday in Isaan, New’s cousin drove us a couple of hours away to a temple. The name is Wat Pha Namthip Thep Prasit Wararam, or Chai Mongkhon Pagoda Temple. The temple was still under some construction, but what was finished was beautiful to look at. I couldn’t find any info in English to learn more about it’s history, but here are some photos from our visit: 12 Views

Trip to Isaan

On Wednesday the 6th, New and I hopped onto a 10:00pm bus to go up to the Northeast area of Thailand to visit her family. They live in a small town near the larger city of Sarakham. The bus ride took about 5 hours with a short stop midway for a quick bathroom and food break. When we arrived at our location the town was very quiet with only a few tuk tuk drivers waiting at the station to take […]

Thailand – July 2011

After a hurried day of last minute shopping, laundry & packing I made it to the airport in San Francisco late in the evening on Wednesday the 29th anxious for my flight that was scheduled to leave at 1:20am on Thursday. The plane ended up taking off about 30 minutes late, but the 14 hour flight to Hong Kong went well. I was able to sleep for most of the trip with only a small break in the middle to […]

Eureka or Bust

I didn’t get much done the first two days of this Memorial Holiday so I decided to go for a long drive on Monday. I wanted to drive to a place I hadn’t been to in a long time and finally decided that my goal was to drive up to Eureka and then head back home all in the same day. I got up early and left the house around 7:00am. When I left I wasn’t sure which route I […]

Ancient City – Bangkok

We visited a place called “Ancient Siam” in Bangkok. It’s billed as the world’s largest open air museum and covers nearly 200 acres. This unique attraction is the center of scaled-down and actual-size replicas of important historical sites of various provinces such as Prasat Hin Phanom Rung, Wat Mahathat Sukhothai, Phraphuttabat Saraburi, Phrathat Mueang Nakhon, Phrathat Chaiya, etc. I found it to be really interesting and a great place to take photos. You can ride a tram around to the […]

Thailand, Bali & Gili

A few months ago I was in need of a change of scenery and through a suggestion from a friend I took a last minute trip to Thailand. It was my first trip to Asia and I really enjoyed my short stay there. The people were very friendly and I had fun exploring Bangkok while getting a taste of what Thailand had to offer. My trip lasted only 5 days, but I saw enough to know that I wanted to […]