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Interior Update

We made an appointment with the sales office to get inside the house today to see how things were progressing. We had stopped by the other day and peeked through the windows, but we wanted to see everything up close.

The cabinets have been installed and only need some fine-tuning on the cabinet doors and drawers to get them lined up. It was nice to see how they all looked put together instead of simply looking at a swatch. We’re definitely looking forward to having all of the extra storage space that we’ve been lacking.

The fireplace stonework has been completed and looks nice. This will be a nice addition during the winter that the girls haven’t experienced before.

The tile floors have been completed in both bathrooms and master bathroom shower and tub tilework has been mostly completed. Grout just needs to be added to the shower and then it will be done. We’re really happy with the way it all came out.

Other than carpet in the bedrooms, the flooring in the rest of the house has been installed. From what we could see it looks nice, but until the cardboard protecting it and a nice cleaning to get all the dust and dirt off it, we still don’t know how it looks. We had to change styles a couple of weeks ago so it will be nice to see the finished look.

That’s pretty much it for now. The countertops should be in by the end of this next week and carpet shouldn’t be too far behind. Aside from that, toilets, sinks, fixtures etc. should be the next progress we see. Not much else to do after that. The first week of December still looks like a good target.

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