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Breaking Ground

Well, it’s been a few months, but we’re finally seeing some progress. During May we had appointments to meet with the builder to discuss structural options, and then we met with the design center to pick out all of our cosmetic options. Once we picked out everything we wanted the builder submitted the plans to the city for approval. About a week ago they finally got approval to start construction. I had a brief meeting with the project manager to […]

Planting Roots

We’ve finally hit a spot in our lives where we feel like we’re going to stick around for a while and not move. With my work I’ve always felt that moving was a part of the gig. This is our 3rd location in about 5 years, but I think we only have 1 move left. We put a deposit down on a new construction home and should be moving in by late October. We’ve picked the lot and the floor […]