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Locked Out

When we showed up today we discovered that the garage door had been installed, and all the exterior doors leading into the house were locked. We’ve reached the stage where interior work starts to take off so getting into the house from now on will require an appointment since the workers lock up at night to prevent theft.

Peering through the windows we could see that all the drywall work was complete and they had textured the walls, put on the moulding surrounding the doors and windows, and installed the doors on each of the rooms. Looks like paint will be next and then hopefully the cabinets are not far behind.

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  1. It is really coming along! Looks very nice – the main room looks absolutely huge! I’m sure part of it perspective, but wow 🙂

    • Anything is going to look larger than what we’ve been living in the last several years. We’re happy to be finally settling down somewhere so we can enjoy something like this. Once we get furniture in there I’m guessing it will feel much smaller, though. Now that we’ll have a proper guest room we’ll always have room for visitors!

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