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Portland Zoo & Japanese Garden

Last week we took advantage of some really nice weather […]

Oahu – Hawaii

We’ve enjoyed our move up to Beaverton, but we do […]

Wahclella Falls Hike

Last week we decided to go on a small hike […]

Columbia River Gorge

I had a three day weekend this weekend so we […]

Portland Children’s Museum

Last week on my day off we decided to go […]

Day Trip to the Beach

We’ve been up here in Oregon for about 5 weeks […]

Say Cheese

I finally have a week off of work to relax […]

Time Flies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Time seems […]

South Lake Tahoe

My friend Tim and his family, minus one daughter, came […]

Take a Hike

I received an invitation from my high school friend Tim […]