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Photo Memories

Quick Road Trip

The other day the girls wanted to take a drive […]

First Day of School

Victoria started Kindergarten today. It’s her first day of school […]

Twin Falls, Idaho

The other day I had a day off so I traveled about 2 hours east of Boise to T …

Road Trip to McCall

We’ve been living in Idaho now for nearly 2 months. […]

Hello, Idaho!

A week or so before Thanksgiving I made the decision […]

2017 LPGA Portland Cambia Classic

Victoria enjoyed going to the golf tournament so much last […]

Wahclella Falls Hike

A few months ago we drove out to the Gorge […]

Southwest Road Trip – Days 6 & 7

Having had a good night’s sleep, we left our hotel […]

Southwest Road Trip – Day 5

After getting a good night’s sleep we left our hotel […]

Road Trip – Day 4

The next day of our road trip had us leaving […]