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Photo Memories

Palouse Falls, Again!

I drove the girls over to Seattle so they could […]

Palouse Falls

The girls and I spent the weekend in the Wenatchee […]

Jump Creek Falls Hike

The weather warmed up a bit over the weekend so […]

Owyhee Lake Sunset

I drove out to Owyhee Lake hoping to catch a […]

Sunrise and Sunset at the Grand Tetons

On our second day at the cabin near Grand Teton […]

Hoh Rain Forest

On the second day of our stay in Washington we […]

Anacortes, WA

After a nice morning of sleeping in we decided to […]

Wenatchee Mushroom Hunting

At the beginning of June I finally had some long […]

Oregon Road Trip

Last weekend we made a quick road trip out to […]

Weekend Trip to Utah

Last weekend we headed out to the Salt Lake City […]