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Tag : Road Trip

Eastern Washington Road Trip

On our way back from the Wenatchee area in Washington […]

Oregon Road Trip

Last weekend we made a quick road trip out to […]

Owyhee Mountains

I took a quick trip out to the Owyhee Mountains […]

Leavenworth, WA

We decided to take a quick weekend trip up to […]

Overnight Road Trip to Missoula, MT

I had the weekend off so we decided to go […]

July 2020 Road Trip – Days 4 & 5

On day four of our trip we left Rapid City, […]

July 2020 Road Trip – Day 3

As stated in the previous entry, day 3 would be […]

July 2020 Road Trip – Day 2

After a pretty good night’s sleep we loaded the car […]

July 2020 Road Trip – Day 1

Last weekend I took a couple of extra days off […]

Stanley Lake, Idaho

Last Sunday we decided to get out of the house […]