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Category : Travel

Southwest Road Trip – Day 5

After getting a good night’s sleep we left our hotel […]

South Lake Tahoe

My friend Tim and his family, minus one daughter, came […]

Take a Hike

I received an invitation from my high school friend Tim […]

Santa Cruz

Last Monday Rotchana and I took Victoria to Santa Cruz […]

Highway 1

Last week I had a couple of days off in […]

Trip to Tahoe

Last week Rotchana had an appointment with the doctor up […]

Beach Trip & San Francisco

It seems as though my days off lately have been […]

San Francisco Treat

One of the many things Rotchana was looking forward to […]

Mt. Rainier

Early Saturday I drove from Roseville, Ca up to a […]

Day at the Beach

Today I decided to take Jaidee on a road trip […]