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Category : Travel

San Francisco Treat

One of the many things Rotchana was looking forward to […]

Mt. Rainier

Early Saturday I drove from Roseville, Ca up to a […]

Day at the Beach

Today I decided to take Jaidee on a road trip […]


For the last 15 or so months I’ve missed having […]

Wat Pho & Wat Arun – Bangkok, Thailand

A few days before heading back to California Rotchana and […]

What Happened to Winter?

Yesterday I thought I’d take advantage of a rare opportunity […]

Disney Christmas Past

I was organizing some of my older photos and came […]

Hurricane Ridge

Last week was Thanksgiving and I was invited to come […]

Almost Winter

Yesterday I took a drive up to the Tahoe area. […]

Thai-ing the Knot!

My most recent visit to Thailand gave me a crash […]