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Zoo Boise

This past Sunday we finally made it to Zoo Boise. When we lived in the Portland area we enjoyed going out to the zoo fairly often, but in the nearly 3 years we’ve lived in Idaho we just hadn’t made it to the zoo.

We knew that Zoo Boise is much smaller than the Portland Zoo, and with the Pandemic going on we weren’t expecting much since quite a bit of the exhibits are closed off or don’t have animals. Despite that, we thought it would be fun to get out.

We had to buy our tickets in advance and were only allowed to visit within a 2 hour window. The zoo was cordoned off so everyone had to walk in the same direction and not circle back to any of the exhibits so 2 hours seemed like more than enough time to see everything. Since we arrived a little early we decided to check out the rose garden next to the zoo before entering at 11:00am.

The zoo was nice, but there really weren’t many animals to view. The enclosures themselves were mostly chicken wire or other type of metal fencing so photos were a bit difficult. The animals seemed to know this and stayed pretty much out of site for the most part.

The girls had a good time and I’m sure we’ll go back at some point. Most likely we’ll wait for the pandemic to go away first, though. Maybe then the zoo will liven up a bit.

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