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Highway 1

Last week I had a couple of days off in the middle of the week and we were itching to get out of the house so we decided to go on a road trip. I’ve always enjoyed driving along the coast down Highway 1 and I was anxious to have Rotchana experience it for the first time so we packed up our bags and headed out. We left late in the morning on Wednesday and made our way to Monterey. […]

Pacific Coast Highway

Today I headed back down to Southern California for an extended weekend visit with a friend who’s stationed in San Diego with the Navy. We’re friends back from high school and have kept in touch over the years. We see each other off and on depending on where he’s stationed. Sometimes a few years pass in between visits. His family is still up in the state of Washington so his kids can finish school there so for the time being […]

Pacific Coast

My quick drive out to the coast a week ago left me wanting to do it again. I had a last minute quick trip down to So Cal a few days ago so I had my opportunity. I normally would take Interstate 5 down to LA, but instead of taking the quick route (4 1/2 hours) back home I decided to take a detour and drive back up along the coast. This adds about 180 miles to the trip and […]