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Saturday in Seattle

I had Labor Day Weekend off last weekend so we took advantage of the free time and went up to Silverdale to visit my friend Tim’s family. We hadn’t come up to visit them since November last year so we were due for a visit.

We drove up to their home Friday afternoon and enjoyed a good dinner that Tim made. After catching up for a few hours after dinner we all headed to bed looking forward to spending the next day in Seattle.

We got up early Saturday morning and drove to the Bainbridge Island Ferry to cross the water to Seattle. Rotchana isn’t a big fan of boats so I wasn’t sure how she’d handle the ferry. We went up to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast and before we knew it we were headed back down to the car to prepare to drive off the ferry. She never went out on the deck, but she didn’t seem to mind the trip as much as I thought she might.

Once we were off the ferry we headed straight to Seattle Center to park and get ready to go on the Ducks Tour. If the ferry ride was a worry, I had no idea how Rotchana would react to riding on a vehicle that literally drives into the water to cruise around a small lake. As it turns out she was fine and actually sat next to the window just above the water.

Victoria enjoyed the Ducks Tour and had a duck whistle that she happily quacked with the entire time. She did fall asleep for about 20 minutes while on the tour, but we woke her up for the water portion. I’m not sure if she really got that we were driving around a lake, but she had fun.

After we finished the tour we walked a few blocks over to have some pizza for lunch. We then took the monorail to get within walking distance of Pikes Place Market. I wanted Rotchana to see the fish market with the workers tossing the fish around. Being that it was Saturday the market was packed, but she still got to see the show. She also enjoyed seeing all of the flowers and produce for sale. It reminded her a little bit of being back in Bangkok.

When we finished at the market we headed back to the ferry terminal to go back to Silverdale. As we waited to board the ferry the clouds came in and it started to rain with thunder and lightning. We picked a good time to leave.

We spent time Saturday evening hanging out eating Chinese food and then had a relaxing morning on Sunday before driving back home. It was nice to see Tim and his family again and I’m glad the weather was so nice while we were out and about in Seattle. We’ll definitely have to go back up to visit again.

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