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Chambers Bay

Last weekend we were invited to come up to Puyallup, Washington to stay with a friend that I met through work. We worked together in Beaverton for a couple of years before he relocated to help open a new store in Puyallup. While in Beaverton, he and I spent at least one morning each week during the drier days in Portland out playing golf. He had recently turned 40 and wanted to play Chambers Bay, site of the 2015 US Open.

We drove up to Puyallup on Friday night after work and woke up at the horrific hour of 4:00am to get ready and drive to the course for our 6:00am tee time. Not many things will get me out of bed that early, but golf is one of them.

The course was a lot of fun to play. I didn’t have my best swing with me, but I managed to birdie one of the par 3s and didn’t take anything more than a double bogey all day. We played the tees set at about 6,500+ yards so that made it more of a challenge. We both shot in the low 90s. I think if we were to play again we’d both be in the mid 80s. Having a little course knowledge always helps.

We arrived back home around 11:00am and headed out for a lunch before heading over to a park called Northwest Trek. The park had some nice animal exhibits, but the main attraction was a tram ride that took us on about an hour ride through about 450 acres containing elk, bison, black tailed deer, bighorn sheep and many other animals. The day was capped off with a nice seafood dinner out on the Sound.

The next morning we woke up at 4:30am to go play golf again at a local muni course. When we finished our round around 10:00am we took the girls out for breakfast and then had a lazy day watching the final round of the US Open.

We had a fun weekend, and despite getting up early each day, it was relaxing.

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