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Washington State

The next few posts are going to be pretty short. I’ve fallen behind in processing photos from our road trips we’ve been taking so I want to get some of the photos posted. Just about any day off I have is spent with us hitting the road to do some sightseeing. We’ve put on some miles, but have had a fun time exploring.

A few weeks ago we started out on a Saturday morning driving up to Washington to see Snoqualmie Falls east of Seattle. After spending a few hours at the falls we made it into Seattle and had dinner on the waterfront.

When we finished dinner we drove north a bit and stayed the night at Mt. Vernon. The next morning we headed west to Whidbey Island and spent the afternoon at Deception Point. We made a quick trip into Oak Harbor for some ice cream and then started the 4 hour drive back home.

We had nice weather and got to see some nice scenery. We’ll probably plan another quick trip up to San Juan Islands to see more of the area.

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