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Almost One Month

28, 978, 364 & 19.

What do these numbers represent? 28 days, approximately 978 ounces of milk & formula, 364 diapers, and 19 hours of sleep on average per day. Those numbers pretty much sum up what Victoria has been up to the first 28 days of her short life with us.

Victoria is becoming more alert and aware of her surroundings more and more each day. Lately she’s started to giggle while sleeping and has quite the smile, especially when passing gas. I don’t know if it’s simply the relief she feels, or she gets a kick out of the sounds she makes. Either way, she seems to enjoy it. Rotchana and I find it amusing, but could do without the toxic cloud that remains.

So far Victoria has been pretty easy to care for. The excessive warnings about sleep deprivation and such have largely been false alarms. Other than waking to feed at pretty regular intervals at night she’s sleeping without much interruption. That’s good for her and for us.

We’ve started to take her out here and there. We took a quick trip into San Francisco last week to do some shopping at Union Square, a trip to Ikea to buy a small table, and we’ve been out to a couple of places to eat. She does well in the car seat and seems to enjoy being in the stroller. So far we haven’t had to make any quick exits from a restaurant.

This first month has gone by quickly. I’m told the next 18 years will be quick as well. We’re looking forward to the adventure ahead.

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