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Antelope Canyon

Our day started with a tour of Antelope Canyon just outside of Page. We signed up for an extended tour, which was limited to 12 people, and would allow us more time than usual inside the canyon. It’s a popular area for photographers, but you can only get in on a tour due to it being located on an Indian reservation. Although our tour was limited to 12, there were several other tours going on at the same time. It presented quite a challenge getting photos and such, but our guide did a good job directing traffic so we could all take photos without people getting in the way.

There is only about an hour’s window to catch the light shafts that pour into the canyon in the middle of the day, so it was important to get into position and not waste too much time setting up, etc. After the light shafts started to go away, the canyon walls took on some nice hues of orange, brown and purple.

After being in the canyon about 2 hours it started to get really dark inside and nearly impossible to take photos any longer. It was only 2:00 in the afternoon, but due to the geography, this was too late in the day for any light to make it’s way into the canyon.

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