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Say Cheese

I finally have a week off of work to relax and catch up on everything that I’ve had to put off for another day. Technically I did go into work for an hour today and will have to go in tomorrow morning for a meeting, but I do have the next 7 days scheduled off. Needless to say it’s a very welcome time off.

As much as I enjoy photography you would think I’d be taking a lot of photos of Victoria. I have, and I haven’t. Most of the photos have been with my iPhone mainly due to how much each day seems to be a hustle to get things done. The iPhone just makes it easy to grab a photo now and then, but I’ve been wanting to take some better photos with my camera.

Today I bought some fabric to use as a backdrop and set up my lights that I use for my interior photography work. Victoria, Rotchana, and even Jaidee jumped in to have their photos taken. The setup worked pretty well despite having difficulties getting Victoria to hold still. All in all we had fun and we got some fun photos.

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